Darsena Bondante: Boathouse & Dockyard

It is set in a natural interesting wonderful area few minutes by boat from Venice.

Our services


Hoisting and launching

Darsena Bondante Gru

In a friendly and familiar atmosphere, Bondante offers a boathouse and dockyard service for boats up to 9 meters long, using two cranes lifting up to 40 tons.

Boat storage

Darsena Bondante Boat storage

Here, you can find 42 places where you can put your boat awash in the water and 45,000 square meters land to provide on land storage and free parking for customers and guests cars. In the winter season, there are some indoor places for your boats, as well.


Darsena Bondante Columns service

Both places in the water and on land are served by comfortable columns with water and electricity. To others and more boat maintenance, it is available a special space with power and water.



Bondante is located in a beautiful natural area near the WWF Averto Valley oasis, just some minutes from Venice. Bondante has a direct access in the Venetian lagoon.

By road


By Venetian lagoon

From the channel, that leads you into “Canale dei Petroli”, you can quickly reach Venice, Lido, Chioggia and the whole famous Venetian lagoon with its beautiful islands.

Darsena Bondante from Venetian lagoon